• Fire Defences

Property Fire Defence Services

LPM’s fire systems testing services range from dry riser and fire alarm testing to fire risk assessments. A fire risk assessment allows you to identify potential fire hazards and risks in your workplace and we will take you through the steps to:

  • Identify the fire hazards
  • Identify the people at risk
  • Evaluate the fire risks
  • Review and revise the improvements to your workplace
  • Dry Riser Testing
    Dry Riser Testing

    LPM’s perform dry riser testing in compliance with BS 9990:2015 which recommends a dry riser system is inspected at least every 6 months. Our testing will be arranged at convenient times for you and we will cause the bare minimum of disruption to your workplace.

    A dry riser test and service is also recommended annually in order to ensure that dry riser equipment is ready for immediate use in any emergency.

    Our six monthly visual inspection includes:

    • Checking all valves open and close, leave closed (checking strap lock if required)
    • Checking all outlet washers
    • Checking for damaged or missing blank caps and chains
    • Checking that all hand wheels and nuts are free moving and undamaged
    • Checking the inlet cabinet and door for corrosion
    • Checking that the inlet breaching valve springs, and that the rubbers are free moving and in good condition
    • Checking the cabinet glass
    • Checking all required signage is present and correct

    Annual static pressure test (in addition to the six monthly checks):

    • Connecting the inlet to a pump & water supply
    • Completely charge with water to a pressure of 10 bar measured at the inlet for a period of at least 15 minutes
    • During this period, an inspection of the system will be made to ensure that there is no leakage of water at any of the joints or landing valves
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  • Fire Alarm
    Fire Alarm System Testing

    Fully functional fire alarm systems are built to give enough advanced warning to save the lives of you and your employees. Our fire alarm system testing service, backed up by your regular checks, will ensure that the system will protect against damage and injury to your property and employees.

    We will perform testing and analysis of your systems in compliance with British Standards as part of your requirements for a local authority fire certificate.

    Enquire About Fire Alarm System Testing
  • Fire Protection
    Extinguisher Servicing

    All fire extinguisher servicing is carried out in compliance with BS 5306. We will perform DTR (Discharge, Test, and Refill) upon water, foam and powder extinguishers. We will ensure that they are certified safe and fit for use and that they are appropriately located for the fire risk presented in that situation.

    Our servicing is thorough and performed on your premises without disrupting the day-to-day business. We can arrange an annual contract to ensure that your equipment is maintained safely and in accordance with your legal requirements.

    Enquire About Extinguisher Servicing
  • Fire
    Fire Protection Equipment

    We are suppliers of fire protection equipment throughout the UK. Products such as:

    • Fire blankets
    • Extinguisher stands
    • Extinguisher trolleys

    We also stock spare parts for servicing and repair:

    • Pressure charges
    • Discharge heads and horns
    • New and reconditioned exchange powder units
    • Pressure tested new and exchange CO2 units
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  • Property Smoke Vents
    Smoke Vents

    We maintain, repair and carry out inspections on smoke vents. Make sure your risk assessment is valid and your legal requirements are being met. For full information, see smoke vents on our Planned Maintenance page.

    Enquire About Smoke Vents
  • Fire Escape Lighting
    Emergency Lighting

    Scheduled testing and servicing. British Standard BS EN 5266 stipulates a monthly flash test and servicing of emergency lighting systems every six months.

    To maintain your Company’s compliance with this, LPM will :-

    • Test the batteries and charger (for central battery systems)
    • Test the operation of each light and confirm that it works efficiently for at least one hour; cleaning diffusers as required
    • Test each lamp for the full specified duration every three years (unless otherwise stipulated by enforcing authority)
    • Take an insulation test of the cabling
    • Enter details of the service into site log book
    • Carry out inspection of all areas of premises, furnishings and equipment therein and highlight recommendations to maintain/improve efficiency of the system.
    • Leave a test report with the site manager after each service as required under the British Standard code of practice. If faults have been noted, they will be listed on the report so the site manager can choose how to remedy them
    Enquire About Emergency Lighting

For more details on how we can help you, call us on 01933 678 722 or alternatively, fill in our online contact form and one of our friendly team will be able to discuss the best options for you.

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